Improved consumer

experience for a life well lived



For the disability and aged care sector

We want your teams to reach their full potential. We work with your staff and providers so that the consumer is at the centre of all decision making, ensuring that their goals, needs and preferences are met.

Our specialised understanding of the constantly shifting world of aged care will enable your business to provide an optimal level of care.

We operate from a place of care, understanding and empathy.

Our Process


We visit your workplace to seek a deeper understanding of your clinical operations, environment and consumer co-designing effectiveness.

We consult with the consumer and your team to measure alignment with the quality standards to provide individualised inclusive care.

Consumer engagement

We engage with your consumers to understand who they are, why this matters to them and create a co-designed personalised care plan.

We provide your team with a greater understanding of how and why to achieve holistic, inclusive and safe care practices and documentation.

Training delivery & skill sharing

We follow your clinical indicators and develop a partnership of alignment with your teams and their scope of practice.

Using innovative, state of the art tools to engage teams and maximise knowledge retention.

Why choose Wellness By Care

We develop a plan with you supporting the quality standards and identifying considerations for service changes. Implemented through educational training, helping you achieve optimum financial stability and maximising your understanding of holistic consumer centred care.

We work with you

We embed ourselves within your team, carrying out hands-on educational training to maximise the knowledge and understanding of your carers.

Multi-Industry services

We offer consulting for both the aged care sector, disability sector and home care.

Driven by kindness and empathy

Better people create better organisations, and better organisations deliver superior consumer experiences.