About Wellness By Care

Meeting regulatory requirements and financial stability is crucial to being able to provide optimal co-designed care for consumers.

Wellness by Care was formed to help providers discover these solutions, ultimately allowing them to deliver the best care possible in partnership with the consumer directing the care and the care teams understanding their role in this.

Upskilling front line workers, engaging and retaining them and developing a greater understanding of what their role is and exactly what tools they need to achieve and meet the consumers needs and quality standards.

Training methods include virtual reality modules for the carer to understand the residents needs and environment. We understand the importance of training staff and to ensure care is co-designed with the consumer, compliant, but most importantly empathetic.

Our Values









Our Founding Director

Stephanie Watts


Steph is the founder of Wellness by Care, and is proud to offer a service that empowers both consumers and the care teams through a mutual understanding and respect.

Steph first entered the world of healthcare when she became a registered nurse in 1983. Since then, she has managed healthcare and disability, medical practices, as well as aged care ventures.

With this extensive experience, Steph understands the nuances of the aged care industry.

Steph brings elements of creativity to her work and believes fun has a place in aged care.

With 37 years of experience in healthcare, Steph brings industry knowledge and a deep understanding of what it means to offer care.